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  • What does "births per embryo transferred" mean?
    Your chance of a live birth per number of embryos transferred. This metric takes into account: the number of embryos transferred and encourages elective single embryo transfers to reduce risks of multiple pregnancy
  • What does "multiple births per cycle" mean?
    Your chance of a live birth of more than one baby
  • What does "births per cycle" mean?
    Your chance of a live birth from starting an IVF cycle. This metric takes into account: stimulation, egg collection, fertilisation, embryo culture and embryo transfer
  • Which metric is best?
    There is no right or wrong answer, it depends on what matters to you most. These metrics tell an objective story of other people’s journeys through these clinics. Just remember, some clinics are specialised in treating certain conditions which may not reflect very well on their success rates, yet they may be better for you than other clinics with higher success rates.
  • Using the price tool
    Our price tool was developed using each clinic’s own price list. A large number of clinics provide packages that may significantly reduce the cost of treatment or subsequent treatments, and a lot offer additional treatment options either free of charge or at a cost (such as “add-ons”). MyFertility’s price tool should be viewed, for all intents and purposes, as a guide to help manage patients' financial expectations going into treatment. We highly recommend you contact the clinics to find out more.
  • What do the £ signs correspond to?
    £ - Less than £5,000 ££ - £5,000 - £7,000 £££ - More than £7,000
  • What is included in the £ price range?
    Monitoring scans and bloods, IVF/ICSI procedures, blastocyst culture and freezing. Medications, add-on treatments and other procedures are not included in these estimates. Cost of medication usually ranges between £1,000-2,000 for a fresh cycle.
  • Why is there no live birth data for 2019 and later?
    This data has not yet been published by the HFEA
  • Why are there some missing clinics from the lists?
    This data is from HFEA licensed clinics in 2018 only. Newer clinics that were not yet licensed by 2018 and satellite clinics would not show on this list.
  • How do I choose a clinic?
    We recommend using our Find a Clinic tool only as a supplement to your own research. We are merely presenting HFEA published data, and the decision to choose a clinic is based on more than just numbers. Speak to your GP, relatives or friends who have been through this process and contact the clinics themselves to make a well-rounded decision on where to undergo your IVF treatment.
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