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Proov Hormone testing

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Check your ovarian reserve

FSH hormone levels change along with the amount of eggs you have left. Checking on yours can reveal insight into your reproductive timeline.


Know exactly when to try

Measure the ovulation indicating hormone, LH, to know exactly when is your most fertile window.

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Know if you're conception-ready

Check for successful ovulation after it occurs. Test for the hormone progesterone, to check if your body is ready to conceive.


Know if you're pregnant sooner

Measure the pregnancy hormone, hCG,  in your urine earlier than most at-home pregnancy tests.


Proov's clinically validated kits test for hormones present in your urine with 99% accuracy. 

What is tested?

FSH, LH, progesterone, and the pregnancy hormone hCG.​

Key features​

  • Test from the comfort and privacy of your own home

  • Pee in a cup, take the test, and scan your result in the Proov Insight App

  • Instant results

Useful tips for using the kits​

  • Check your ovarian reserve with Proov Reserve

  • Know exactly when to try with Proov Predict

  • know if you're conception-ready with Proov Confirm

  • know if you're pregnant sooner with Proov Check

  • Please read the instructions provided by the manufacturer

What we think at MyFertility

Proov's affordable and accurate testing of key hormones is an essential tool when trying to conceive.

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