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TV Review: Spotlight – The babymaker uncovered

Updated: Feb 7

Watching Ruth Ellen Logan on BBC's Spotlight 'The Babymaker Uncovered' reminded me of the time a car salesman sold me my first car. It was a decade ago, but I still remember being told how incredible the car was, only for my used Citroen C2 to fail its first MOT and spend more time either broken down or at the garage getting fixed than with me. I was promised so much but delivered so little.

Watching the experience of the undercover reporters with Logan and hearing her patients' experiences at her clinic, Logan Wellbeing and Medical, many of the sales techniques viewers witnessed reminded me more of a crooked salesperson than a medical establishment. Logan is not a doctor, nurse or healthcare practitioner, I think she is a saleswoman, a really good one. So good, that I almost find myself in awe of her marketing and sales abilities.

Logan uses social media to give herself a platform to reach and engage with people searching for answers about their fertility. I believe she manages to attract viewers with content that is both personal and engaging. She posts videos of her using new products on herself while speaking of their benefits to fertility and other much sought-after remedies, such as healthier skin and a stronger immune system. Her trademarked and patented Logan Fertility Method arouses curiosity and cements the perception of her ingenuity. Her claims of success rates of 86 percent (three times the average of an IVF clinic in the UK) make her clinic a must for anyone wanting to have a baby, especially when you pay her clinic a visit and find yourself in a waiting area that is not too dissimilar to the one at your GPs and are surrounded by cards from happy patients thanking Logan for their successful pregnancies. Nothing arouses suspicion.

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