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Rebecca Holloway


Rebecca is a trained and accredited life coach, with specialist knowledge of fertility issues and treatments, having worked in the sector for 14 years at the UK’s forefront IVF unit. Rebecca is able to create a safe, confidential, and peaceful environment to listen to your fears, facilitate your reflection and help to give you the confidence to help you through your fertility journey. Rebecca is nurturing, caring and empathic, as well as knowledgeable and realistic. She will be able to help you manage your expectations of the processes involved in fertility treatments as well as the emotional highs and lows that you may experience.

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What we think at MyFertility

Rebecca's vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the fertility sector, coupled with her empowering yet empathetic approach to fertility treatment make her sessions an invaluable asset to any patient navigating their fertility journey. 

Patient Testimonials

average rating is 3 out of 5

"You were the loveliest and most human face of my whole IVF experience and it really made a difference to me, as I’m sure it did countless other women" - Anon

average rating is 3 out of 5

"I learned to focus on positive aspects in my life aside from fertility. I found the sessions I had with Rebecca invaluable and friends and my husband noticed that the sessions had a very positive influence on my wellbeing." - Anon

average rating is 3 out of 5

"All sessions were brilliant and extremely useful. Always ended sessions feeling positive. " - Rachel

N.B. Names changed or first names used for patient anonymity

  • Discovery call

    Free Plan
    • Free 15 minute discovery call with your fertility coach
  • Single session

    • 1-hour session with your fertility coach
  • Three sessions

    • Three 1-hour sessions with your fertility coach

Supporting fertility patients is my passion and skill. From my experience, sometimes a patient that is struggling doesn’t need a counseling session to rehash old wounds, they need a coach to help bolster their confidence and help them focus on what they need and want when they are going through an extremely difficult time.


Coaching patients is an effective way of managing patient expectations and experience, keeping them calm and level, and steadying anxious patients when they need it most.

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