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Female Testing

Female factor infertility is responsible for approximately half the cases of infertility. Testing can help you understand your fertility and overall health. ​

MyFertility gives you access to world-leading testing providers in the female fertility space, from ultrasound sonographers to convenient at-home hormone testing from the comfort of your own home, or at world-leading laboratories.

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hormone testing

Learn about your hormones from the comfort and privacy of your own home

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Proov test kits

Monitor your hormones using Proov's at-home urine test kits to give you an idea of where you stand so you can make a plan for now, or later.


From £9.00

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Hertility test kits

Get to the bottom of hormone imbalances, identify your egg count and warning signs of infertility as well as screen for up to 18 gynae conditions (such as PCOS) with Hertility's finger prick testing

From £149

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