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Home sperm test kits


ExSeed uses advanced fertility technology to track your sperm volume, motility, and concentration — all on your smartphone. No need to send anything away or risk damaging your sperm sample during transport to a lab! Their device is CE-certified and follows WHO guidelines to measure sperm health.

What is tested?

Semen volume, sperm concentration, motility, and total motile sperm count.

Key features​

  • Test from the comfort and privacy of your own home

  • 15-minute results. Know your sperm quality immediately

  • Every test is manually reviewed by fertility experts

  • >95% accuracy. Lab-grade test results from your home

  • Comes in discreet packaging

  • Uses your smartphone to capture your results

  • Requires a smartphone with an operating system of at least Android vers 9.0 or iOS vers. 12.0 and a smartphone camera with a minimum of 12 megapixels

  • You can order Refill Kits to perform more tests

  • Improve your sperm with a personalised in-app program

What is included?

  • ExSeed Analysis Device​

  • Collection cups and lids​

  • Sample slides​

  • Wipes​

  • Instructions for Use​

  • Free access to the ExSeed App​

  • 1 x free 15-minute consultation call with a fertility specialist who will give you lifestyle advice to improve your sperm quality

  • Two Year warranty on the ExSeed Analysis Device

Useful tips for using the kits​

  • Abstain from intercourse or masturbation for 2-5 days before testing

  • Do not use any form of lubricant when producing the sperm sample

  • Only collect the sample via masturbation

  • Make sure that you collect the entire semen sample in the provided container for more accurate results

  • Please read the instructions provided by the manufacturer

What we think at MyFertility

ExSeed testing kits are a useful screening tool to test your fertility and compare the effect of lifestyle changes on your total motile sperm count. They should not be used as diagnostic tools to diagnose infertility.

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