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Shaun Rogers


Shaun has worked in all areas of IVF since 1992. He started his Reproductive career in dedicated Male Factor Infertility clinics, moving on to Embryology for 25 years. Recently he left day-to-day Laboratory Management returning to a focus on Men's Health issues.


Shaun is an experienced embryologist with skills gained in Private, University, and NHS facilities. Patient care is his principal aim, giving advice in general IVF, embryo genetic screening, treatment options in the UK and abroad, and moving eggs, sperm, and embryos in and out of the UK


Shaun is Clinical Operations Director for Mojo Fertility and Clinical Scientist Support for Babyinc and Men's Fertility London. He has recently founded the IVF logistics and consultancy companies Lab Dynamics and EmbryologySolutions.

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What we think at MyFertility

Shaun brings a wealth of invaluable and extensive experience in IVF, and in particular male factor infertility, to help patients navigate their fertility journey and make the most of their treatment options.


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Vladimir Ovsyankin

Vladimir Ovsyankin

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